A seeker
of lost time endless excitement
and the spirit of 77 Whether it s through
riffs or writings venture into the world
of both a rebel and romantic
From Dre
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  • New book ('Horology') coming soon
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“This is the music box inside a seashell side of punk rock and no, no one can tell me that side of punk rock doesn't exist cause I just heard it.”

-Punk Globe

Pop-punk debut

Spoken word EP

Hip-Hop/Rap LP


“Beautifully written.”

-Christine C.

“Dre Carlan is a very talented writer,

and this memoir has moments of utter brilliance.”

-Meg O.

Four-Star Rating Illustration
4,5 Star Rating Illustration
4,5 Star Rating Illustration

'Horology' - coming soon


There is a room. An indoor/outdoor room with a sofa separating the two sides. It sits looking inward while behind it, a flurry of fall leaves softly float downward through the autumn air. The piece itself is truly elegant; a Victorian Chesterfield, Oxford Red leather or maybe velvet, hundreds of deep, tufted buttons patterned throughout, and of course, a cozy throw blanket draped over the back.

Next to its short wooden legs are stacks of extremely telling books in heaps of piles on the floor. Everything from biographies, classics, and poetry collections to philosophy dictionaries and sacred writings. On it are two people; myself and my “other.” The one who knows all and feels all. Sometimes we lay, sometimes we sit, most times were crossed-legged and at full attention. When we’re not sleeping we’re reading aloud to one another. When we’re not reading we’re talking about what we just read. And then…, sleep again. Over and over; speaking, analyzing, doing endless research on the universal human condition. Days turning into weeks turning into months.

It’s romance mixed with madness.

It’s routine shattered by epiphanies.

It’s my personal heaven on earth.

From Dre
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